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LIC Partnership's Guide to Going Green for Businesses

The Green Guide Page on the LIC Partnership website

Here’s a primer on going green in straightforward, non-scientific language.  It provides a step by step road map for businesses that want to cut their energy costs, become more efficient, and lower their impact on the environment.
Researched and prepared by Long Island Partnership staff in 2009, the Guide introduces and demystifies going green and explains the processes and products involved, how to plan and implement an energy efficiency program to save money, questions to ask,  where to go for assistance and funding, along with hundreds of links to more detailed information and resources. Substitute the word “home” for “business,” and the Guide is a valuable resource for property owners, apartment dwellers and homeowners as well.
The 55-page LIC Partnership Guide to Going Green was enabled by a grant from Citigroup Foundation. To save trees, it is available as a free download. Divided into five sections, readers can access the entire Guide or only those portions in which they may have an interest.  Start with the 5 page Executive Summary, which gives you a bird's eye view of the whole process and breaks it into manageable steps. 


Executive Summary, an overview.

Chapter 1: The Process, explains and structures how a company can start the greening process. You learn about: the importance of making an internal commitment by getting management and staff buy-in; assessing company performance through internal assessments, setting goals, deciding on projects, finding government incentives, selecting consultants, evaluating progress, and reporting on improvements. 

Chapter 2: Upgrading and Maintaining Your Facility, explains and sets forth the nuts and bolts of upgrading and maintaining a business facility. You learn about: energy efficient lighting, roofs, windows, heating, ventilating and cooling systems, water and energy use, renewable power, and New York State incentives for building upgrades. 

Chapter 3: Greening Your Daily Operations, focuses on daily operations. You learn about: waste, recycling, packaging materials, office equipment; purchasing and producing green products; meetings and events. 

Chapter 4:  Transportation, looks at transportation costs, employee commuting options, and vehicle fleet management. You learn: how to purchase more efficient vehicles, how to upgrade existing vehicles, and how to adopt best practices through the US EPA SmartWay Program.

Flow Chart for NYSERDA Incentives: What energy programs, benefits and incentives are available for your business? Click here for a handy flow chart, designed especially for the Guide.

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