Election organizing actions to take now


The polls for Biden are encouraging but we can’t afford to be complacent.  Our best defense against voter suppression, dirty tricks and election theft is to organize record-breaking numbers of voters, producing Democratic landslides in as many states as possible.  The more people volunteer to contact voters, the greater the chances of our success. 


Join the massive organizing effort already underway to identify and catalyze Democratic voters.

Write. Call. Text. Find what’s right for you.*  It's easier than ever to volunteer safely from your own home, on your own schedule. Campaigns identify supporters, send targeted information, and get them to act. They have the strategy. You just need to do some of the work.  Help us build the list with other campaigns you recommend. 


*For highlights on how the different types of campaign work, see below.


Sierra Club GOTVText, phone, write
Indivisible Texting for Senate Races
MoveOn Text Team - sign up page
StandUpAmerica Texting
Open Progress Text Troop
Grassroots Dems - Phone, text, write

Democratic National Committee - Phone, text
Joe Biden 2020  - Phone, text
Open Progress Text Troop
Indivisible  Text, phone, various campaigns
Swing Left  Phone, write, various campaigns
Red2Blue Phone, text, write
NextGen AmericaText Team
Resistance Labs Texting Team 
ACLU Texting Team
Together for 2020 Texting

Turnout2020 - Phone

Payback Project Text - Senate Races

Reclaim My Vote - Phone, write - fight minority voter suppression

Post Cards to Voters
Progressive Turnout Project - Phone and canvas

Reclaim Our Vote - Writing postcards to minority voters - Check your registration, register to vote, request an absentee  ballot to vote by mail, find your polling place, get election reminders.


Upper West Side MoveOn / Indivisible - Phone and write. They support voter registration postcard writing and phoning with Reclaim Our Vote, and vote by mail postcard writing with Turn PA Blue. They coordinate virtual Zoom meetings every Saturday for writing letters at home with Vote Forward. Or you can download, print and write letters by yourself.  Several major national progressive organizations plan to send 10 million letters this year.  Here’s a video.


Texting or phoning voters in swing states


Both calling and texting require volunteers to sign onto a software platform, follow a script, and record voter data. When you sign up, you’ll be guided to an easy online training. With both, you will be given selected scripts replies.


How to choose? If you enjoy talking to people, give phoning a try. If you dread calling people you don't know, stick with texting. With texting, volunteers sign onto a website, send large numbers of texts quickly, and respond to those who text back. Texting reaches more people (and you can take time for your response). Calling is more personal.


Letter and Postcard Writing

Write letters and postcards to Democratic or likely Democratic registered voters who are infrequent voters in swing states. The letters are stockpiled and then mailed in October.  This has been demonstrated to increase actual voting by a meaningful margin.  Since many elections are likely to be close, even a small increase in the margin of Democrats voting can be important.

More on why we can't go back to pre-Trump "normal" with insights from system analysts, climate activists and political scientists.


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