Municipal Biosolids Management Examples

Stockholm, Sweden

city of Stockholm, Sweden opened a biochar plant in 2017, using garden and park wastes as feedstock.  They plan to build four more plants.  The project is one of the winners in the 2014 Mayors Challenge, which is a competition for cities held by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Stockholm created an manual for other cities interested in setting up biochar projects.

The Aries Plant in Linden, New Jersey

A new biochar project will closely match NYC’s situation, and is right next door. 
Aries Clean Energy is setting up a facility in nearby Linden, New Jersey that can process 400 tons per day of biosolids, yielding 23 tons per day of biochar.  It's expected to be operational by the end of 2020. Aries claims it will be the lowest cost option for biosolids disposal in the NYC metropolitan area.